Facebook Insights Explained

Last year, Facebook overhauled their Insights, aka the metrics they use to track your page’s success. There’s a lot of new data there, but it can be confusing to find what you’re looking for with the new layout. Our guide will demystify the new layout and show you how to delve deeper into the data about your business page.


Total Likes. This one is pretty obvious, but there’s a twist. The number displayed on the Facebook Insights homepage tells you the total number of people that have liked you business page. If you want to know the absolute total like count for your page, you’ll have to do a bit more searching. Click on the ‘likes’ tab at the top of the page, and on the right hand side you’ll see a hyperlink called ‘see likes’. When you click this, a box pops up with everyone who has liked your page, and if you click on ‘people’ on the left, you can switch between people, pages, admins and people you’ve banned from your page. From this box you can also make people admins, or revoke their admin status.

Friends of Fans. This is the total number of friends of all of your fans; which is also the potential number of people your posts could reach.

People Talking About This. The number of unique people that have interacted with your page during the last week. An interaction includes a fan liking your page, posting something to your wall, liking, commenting or sharing one of your page’s posts, answering a question, responding to an event, mentioning your page, tagging your page in a photo, checking in at your page’s place, or recommending your page’s place. In short, this a tally of the amount of recent interaction your page has received.

Weekly Total Reach. The total amount of people who have recently seen any of your page’s content. This number includes people that have seen your Facebook ads or sponsored stories –  if you’re currently running them.  This metric is further broken down into individual users lower down on the page.

Page Posts. As we just mentioned, weekly total reach is further broken down into individual page posts. This chart displays all your recent posts, along with how many people they reached (who’s seen your posts), engaged users (who clicked on your post), who’s talking about your post (see ‘people talking about this’ explanation above), as well as the virality of your post (the percentage of people who interacted with your post vs. the total number of people who have seen your posts). If you click on the engaged users number, another chart pops up that tells you what action each of the engaged users took with your posts, as well as if anyone gave it negative feedback – ie, whether someone hid that particular post or unfriended your page as a result of seeing that post.

Diving deeper into Facebook Insights

Along with the key metrics available on the homepage of Facebook Insights, there are also tabs across the top of the page that offer you even more information.

Likes. This tab provides demographic data about your page including; a breakdown of males vs females by age that have liked your page, and a list of countries and cities your fans live in as well as languages they speak. You can also find information about new likes and unlikes, as well as where they were on Facebook when they liked your page – where they actually on your page? Did they find your page through a friend? Did they like your page via a post that appeared on their newsfeed?

Reach. Information about who you reached – again, broken down by age and gender, where they were located, how you reached them, and a breakdown of overall visits to your page. We find the information on the lower half of this page especially useful – how you reach people, and visits to your page.

  • How you reached people provides information about how many people saw any content related to your page and whether they were reached organically, through paid advertising, or virally. There’s also a handy chart that shares how often you reached unique users by frequency which helps further determine how many people are seeing your content.
  • Visits to your page shows both the number of times your page was viewed and how many of those page views were made by unique visitors (as opposed to the same person frequently returning to your page). There’s also a list of your page’s most popular tabs, as well as which external websites referred traffic to your Facebook page.

Talking about this. This tab details how many unique people have interacted with your page recently by age, gender, country, city, and language. The catch is that it only shows data if more than 30 people have talked about your page in the past 7 days preceding your selected date range. The two charts at the bottom on the page show who’s been talking about your page as well as your viral reach, and they can be manipulated to show information about all stories, page likes, stories from your posts, mentions and photo tags, posts by others, questions and check-ins.

Check-Ins. A pretty self-explanatory tab. Information on who’s recently checked into your page by age, gender, location and language. Again, this data is only available if more than 30 people have checked into your page in the 7 days preceding your selected date range.

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