Social Media – A Component of Your Online Presence

Social media is a component of your Internet Marketing and overall marketing strategy and should be treated as such but many small businesses fail to understand this. Instead, they consider social media on its own as a stand alone activity that has no connection to anything else. It is hugely important that your online marketing activities all reflect, augment and complement each other. If your ducks line up (so to speak), you’re more likely to succeed.

The components of an online marketing strategy:

Website  – your website is the backbone of your online presence.  Make sure that visitors to your site can easily find your social network presence too by adding social media widgets front and centre.

Email Marketing – more people still use email than any other online communication tool.  Those that subscribe to your newsletters often have an existing connection  (clients, partners etc etc) so be sure to use your newsletters to allow this network to connect with your social networks too.

Digital Marketing – more people access the Internet by phone than by PC these days so it’s important to consider your digital approach.  At the very least your website should be accessible to people on their phones and they should easily be able to click through to find your social pages and connect with you there too.

Search Marketing – The keywords that you use on your website content and META should be the same keywords that you use frequently when posting social media updates.  Online ads such as as Google Adwords or Bing Ads are a great way to try out words to see if they resonate with your audience. Once you find words that do, use them consistently in your social networking.

Measure – you shouldn’t just measure your social media progress on its own. Consider how it impacts your other online activities.  Does it drive traffic to your website?  If you Tweet about your newsletter do you get more subscribers? If you take time to measure these you can then tweak and adapt to improve and build your success over time.

Social Media – the best social media presences are those that reflect not only your online activity and strategy but also your offline.  Use your social presence to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter, to read your latest blog posts and to visit your website or to network at in person events.

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