10 Ways to Get Inspiration for your Blog

If you write a regular blog then you’ve no doubt suffered from blog writers fatigue. It gets us all from time to time: you wake up one morning and you have no inspiration and can’t for the life of you think of what to write about. Here are a few ideas that you can use to get over this and get back at it:

1. Read, read, read – open the newspaper, read articles in magazines and on-line publications and books: you’re sure to find inspiration for a post. Try using Flipboard to source inspiring content.

2. Share the responsibility – get other members of staff, partners and even customers to contribute to your blog thus providing a fresh viewpoint for readers. But be careful with this, Google doesn’t like it when articles are reposted so fresh, new content is best.

3. Think outside the box – cover a topic that is peripheral to your business – one that you wouldn’t normally cover in a typical blog post but that is still relevant to your central subject. It might be a charity you are involved with, a cause that is close to your heart or local related news. Or instead of posting a written blog why not post a video or photo blog to shake things up.

4. Just do it – stop making excuses: you’ve started a blog and you see the benefit in terms of increased traffic – it takes discipline and commitment to have a successful blog so just quit the complaining and get it done – it’s worth it. Remember that quality is better than quantity so give your self a break – one great post a month is better than 4 mediocre ones.

5. Take inspiration from everyday experiences – Have you had an experience in your everyday existence that strikes a cord? Share these experiences in your blog. It could be as simple as a positive customer service experience or a negative one that made your blood boil. Doing so lends a human aspect to your writing.


6. Ask your clients – this is my favorite one and one I use it often. If I am stuck for an idea for a blog post subject, I’ll ask clients and colleagues for suggestions. You will be amazed by the ideas a fresh mind can come up with. Conversely, use your blog as a forum to answer common questions your clients ask you.

7. Attended and event, trade-show, presentation or movie? – review it in your blog.

8. Been on vacation or on a business trip? – Use travel as an inspiration as it gives you the chance to review how things are done differently in other places and to share these new innovations with your community.

9. Learned something new? – if there have been new developments pertinent to an old blog post there’s no reason why you can’t write an new post based on a previous one giving your audience an update on developments.

10. Reward yourself! – if you’re having a day when you’d rather have teeth pulled than write a post, then give yourself and incentive and reward yourself when its done.

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