Facebook Ads – Don’t Spend More Than You Need To

Don’t get an unexpectedly big credit card bill after your Facebook ads have appeared. Here are a few important things we’ve been reminded of this week when setting up Facebook ads for clients. You should bear these in mind too if you are setting up Facebook ads yourself.

Be aware when setting up your Facebook Ads!

1. The Facebook default ad budget is set to $11 per day or $350 over the lifetime of the ad. This field defaults back each time you shift from daily to lifetime so if you plan to spend less it’s very important to make sure you keep an eye on this  field and enter the actual amount you want to spend. The minimum budget is supposed to be $1 per day (as long as that is 2 times your cost per click) but it’s actually quite hard to meet those requirements with certain types of ads.

2. Facebook defaults ad duration so that your ads are set to show for one month. Again make sure that your ads are scheduled correctly and not defaulting. If you run ads more more than a few days at a time people get densitized and are less likely to notice them anyway.

3. The default setting for when you are charged for ads is set to impressions. This means that you pay each time the ad appears whether someone sees it or not. Your money might be better spent paying for post engagement, so choose that drop down option instead, that way you only pay when someone acts on your ad.

4. Bid Amount defaults to the ‘Automatic’ option and lets Facebook set the bid for you. Instead choose to do this manually. You will notice that the default bid is set to 10 times (approx) the suggested bid. Enter a more reasonable one.

Facebook Ads Budget

Facebook ads are highly targeted and can be a great way to help you grow your following, extend the reach of your posts or drive traffic to your website. Take time to set up your ads properly and keep an eye on all options to make sure you’re not spending more than you need to.

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