Tumblr: Still the Easiest Way to Blog

It’s been four years since Yahoo bought Tumblr and in that time, blogging platforms have grown tremendously.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows users to share just about anything via their personal Tumblelog. You can quickly and easily post whatever you want – text, photos, videos, music, quotes, and links, from wherever you want – your web browser, phone, desktop computer, or email. The service prides itself on its ease of use, as well as the ability to customize everything including the colors of your Tumblelog and the HTML code of your Tumblr theme.

Who uses Tumblr?

Tumblr people are categorized by their retro-hipster vibes and their ability to showcase blog content through images, videos and words. Content on Tumblr is quirky and strange and heavily embodies the persona of an out-of-the-ordinary millennial. Due to its individualistic nature, Tumblr people are also categorized as ‘regular individuals’ and rarely as companies or businesses. An individual that owns a company may have a Tumblr page but it is highly unlikely that the company would have a Tumblr page.

In total, there are around 357 million registered blogs on Tumblr and users spend a whopping 3 hours per day on the site. This is exponentially higher than various other social media platforms including Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Tumblr or WordPress?

Some businesses choose to use Tumblr over WordPress to appeal to their young and fun audience. Take Denny’s for example – they’re famous for their American, greasy, feel-good, late-night, partially hungover food. Here’s an example of their Tumblr post that works well in line with their business and aims to target their audience.

If your audience is under thirty and your service or product is very visual and you’re strapped for time then Tumblr is the way to go, if your audience is older and you want to do more than blog (and more with your blog) then use WordPress.

Benefits of Tumblr

Since Tumblr is a form of a micro-blog, most content is easy to share and visually appealing. These aspects have made Tumblr more of a social platform that incorporates bltumblr post typesogging. Also, Tumbelogs are likely to appeal to a wider audience, as some will prefer the assortment of photos, video files, and links that a traditional blog may be lacking. Tumblr’s API allows Tumblelogs to be extensively modified; users can delete all the basic formatting and start from scratch to design the look, feel and layout. If you can imagine it, chances are you can do it with Tumblr. The outcome for bloggers is huge; connect more deeply with your readers, in less time, and on your customized, easy to use microblog.

Tumblr Photos and Videos

Since 2013, photos and videos on Tumblr have become a huge success due to their fairly visually appealing nature. Many Tumblr users are attracted to the shareable photography and videos found on Tumblr. Even design projects and ideas for tattoos are popular on Tumblr due to the professional photos and visual content found on Tumblr. Some examples of Tumblr posts that include excellent imagery include motivational quotes, images of scenery and animal videos in the form of gifs.

Cabana: The New App by Tumblr

This year, Tumblr announced they will be launching a new app called Cabana. This app allows users to watch videos with their friends simultaneously. After downloading the app, users can add their friends to an existing “room” or create a new one and add up to six friends. Then, they are able to watch any video on YouTube while on a video chat in the same room. This app is great for group entertainment! However, there are many ways to group video call already including through Messenger on Facebook. Cabana will have some tough competition!

This is an updated post from the original post about Tumblr from 2013. To view the original post click here.