Business Smarts Podcast with Jaeny Baik

“You haOut-Smarts Podcast Jaeny Baikve to get out of your comfort zone if you want to grow”says Jaeny Baik – Online Video Marketing Maven and On-Camera Coach.

The award-winning former CBC Host and Journalist joins us on the podcast and shares her top tips for business growth, her inspirations and some must hear tips to help you get started with online video. Listen and be inspired.


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PowHERhouse Charlene Sanjenko – Out-Smarts Podcast #38

Our latest podcast is with Charlene SanJenko. Charlene SanJenko is a vibrant entrepreneur who equally embodies Lifestyle + Leadership. Working with and connecting strong women, Charlene Out-Smarts Podcast - Charlene SanJenko - Powherhousethrives on creating space that allows each person to grow even stronger, together.

SanJenko delivers the message of PowHERful Living Explored: EAT Well, MOVE Often, BE Positive to her online community with the help of her PowHERhouse Team as well as at live events and destination retreats. PowHERhouse is a highly interactive multi-media platform – women’s event, a digital magazine and website – with a strategic focus on lifestyle + leadership. “We believe the stronger we feel in our bodies, the more positive and powerful we are in our lives.”

As a former National Marketing Manager in the financial services industry, Charlene believes in doing business differently and works with a collaborative team of High-Performance and High-Purpose Partners to provide SOLUTIONS women need to stay in the Practice of PowHERful Living.

Charlene is an inspiration, listen!

Willis Turner – Out-Smarts Podcast 37

out-smarts podcast Willis TurnerIn this latest Out-Smarts podcast I talk with Willis Turner, CAE CME CSE, President & Chief Executive Officer of USA based Sales & Marketing Executives International, founder and CEO of Old Clayburn Marketing & Management Services Inc and Executive Editor of the 42 Rules Series.

Willis does a fantastic job of using social media in innovative ways to build his personal brand, his business and he uses it to reflect and augment reality by sharing his adventures. As a road warrior, his posts are always engaging, unique and fresh. Listen as he shares his unique perspective on online corporate bullying too.

Thanks Willis!

Willis has gained international recognition for spearheading worldwide membership and professional certification growth as the P., a full service association management firm, and is Executive Director of the SME Foundation for Marketing Education. As a speaker on professional certification, business ethics and leading edge sales and marketing topics, Willis leverages his worldwide business travel experiences to convey an informative and motivating message to his audiences. He also volunteers in many capacities. Willis is President of Certified Marketing & Sales Professionals Association. He has served as a member of Kaplan University Advisory Board (USA) and serves on the National Advisory Board for DECA Inc. Willis has taught Sales Management at the University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business. He resides near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with his wife of 30 years.


The Out-Smarts Podcast #35 with Michela Quilici

Michela QuiliciEach month for the Out-Smarts podcast I talk with local small business people and ask them to share with us how they’ve used social media and the Internet to grow their business and to tell us their top 3 tips for business growth.

This month I had the pleasure of sitting down with business partner and colleague Michela Quilici of Q Consulting. Listen up!

Q Consulting

The Out-Smarts Podcast#31- Heather White on Collaboration

These days there is a new paradigm when it comes to doing business. Where in the past companies and entrepreneurs were in competition to the death and fought like vultures for a slice of the pie, now the new approach is to work with partners, clients and even competitors to get more done and ultimately to increase the size of the pie for all.

Today I am in conversation with Heather White of 2020 Communications. In our podcast, we discuss this new inclusive approach, why collaboration is important and the key elements of successful collaboration.

Heather is founder of 2020communications, a business coach extraordinaire and has licensed the Ghost CEO Business Coaching Model. She was recently nominated for the 2009 Emerging Leader of the Year so good luck and fingers crossed to her for that.


Out-Smarts Podcast #30 – with Smart Cookie and Bratface Marketing’s Andrea Baxter

Twitter is a fabulous tool. Case in fact: recently I connected with Andrea Baxter from Bratface Marketing on Twitter. You might know Andrea from her success as part of the Smart Cookies team that shot to fame following their appearance on Oprah.

Andrea joins us to talk about that meteoric success, how Smart Cookies use social media and about her latest venture Bratface Marketing. Enjoy!



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