The Out-Smarts Podcast #28 – Twitter with Sue Clement

I can’t believe our Twitter podcast marathon week is almost over. In our penultimate cast today, we talk with Sue Clement of Success Coaching. Little did I know earlier this year when I encouraged Sue to start using Twitter as part of her marketing mix that she would take it to heart. I should have known better! In a few short months she has built a following of over 1300 “Tweepl” and is deriving many benefits from using Twitter to listen, learn and to get the word out. Hear how she puts Twitter to good effect.

Sue Clement

The Out-Smarts Podcast #12 – Peer to Peer Financing and Social Media with James Wells

In this Out-Smarts podcast we talk with James Wells. James is the Commercialization Officer at BCIT working with innovators and investors to take their ideas to market), he is also a comedian and founded a peer to peer financing company. Learn about the challenges of peer to peer financing and listen to James’ take on social media.

The Out-Smarts Podcast #11 – LinkedIn with Rob Duncan

LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social networks. It grew by over 500% in 2007 and one of the reasons for its speedy growth is because professionals are recognizing its a great tool to expand your network, establish your expertise and conduct research.

This Out-Smarts podcast discusses LinkedIn with Rob Duncan. He’s a prolific LinkedIn user and has more contacts in his network than anyone else I know. I talk to Rob about what LinkedIn is, what he uses it for and the benefits he derives from doing so.

Rob is an Innovation Catalyst, Director of Applied Research at BCIT. He is a writer and public speaker too. Learn how Rob uses LinkedIn to help him spread the buzz.