Blanket Drive – Help Us Collect Even More this Year!

Help Us Spread the Warmth

Announcing our annual blanket drive to support Blanket BC. Last year we were able to collect a whole car load of donations and with your help we hope to collect even more this year. Once again we’re doing this in conjunction with Marc Smith’s Thirty Days of Kindness project (have you signed up for your act yet?).

20141128_182316On December 4th we will be collecting warm items in and around Vancouver: gently used or new blankets, hats, gloves and coats. If you have any of these items that you no longer use or have grown out of or if you would like to donate a new item please let us know – you can leave a comment below if you like.

Blanket BC is a local charity that has assisted more than 50 other charitable organizations, shelters and Churches that open their space to the homeless and families in need of help.


Please contact to arrange for pick up on the 4th. Thank you for helping us spread the warmth!

Stay Sane in the Digital World – Join Us at SWAN

Is your smartphone taking over your life? Do you find it hard enough to stay on top of all of the latest developments in social media never mind using these forums to grow your business? You are not alone!

On Thursday September 10th 2015, Mhairi will be presenting ‘Staying Sane int he Digital World’ at SWAN in North Vancouver.  Come along and you will learn:

• How digital technology has changed over the last 10 years (and our attitudes too).
• 10 Rules to Help You make the most out of your digital presence in a manageable way, including:
• Which tools should you use (you can’t use them all!)
• How to stay focused and make the most of your time online
• How to listen effectively
• How to find and share great content
• Smart tools and tips to help you take back your time


Registration and Event Details

Effective Blogging To Grow Your Personal Brand

As a guest on the SMEI webinar earlier, I discussed how to use blogging as a tool to build your visibility and increase your influence.

Blogging can be a great vehicle to increase your visibility if you do it right. There are 3 key approaches that you can take:

  • Creating and posting on your own blog site
  • Guest blogging
  • Blog comments

A combination of each of these will maximize your impact.

Creating your own blog site

If you decide to create your own blog then you have 3 options – the first is to use a blog platform like Tumblr or – these are free and easy to set up but you don’t own the domain and these are often used for hobby or personal interest topics so perception is an important consideration.

The next option is a little more labour intensive and that is to set up your own domain and blog. I like this option best as you have more control and it is a more professional option.

The last option if you decide to set up your own blog is to use social networks. LinkedIn is a great place to do this.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to hit the ground fast. By posting on a blog that is already established in your industry you will reach more people, faster. Look for blogs or magazines in your industry that accept articles (they are not hard to find although their criteria may be strict), that get lots of traffic, comments and shares.

Blog Comments

This is often overlooked as a tool to establish your brand and certainly should never be used solely as an SEO tactic but the right comment in the right place, at the right time can help you establish and build relationships with the blogger (who is likely a thought leader in your industry) as well as their audience. Always take time to read the post, thank the blogger, and add value in your comment.

Watch the video below to view my presentation in full, then my blog post on the SMEI blog for more on blogging as a personal branding tool.

Big shout to out SMEI team for having me present.