Get To Know Us

Mhairi Petrovic

Mhairi (va-ri) Petrovic- is the Founder of Out-Smarts Marketing and is dedicated to working with clients to develop and implement marketing strategies that maximize on-line exposure.

Since graduating with Honours in Commerce from Napier University in Scotland, Mhairi has developed an in depth knowledge of sales and marketing functions online and off through her employment on both sides of the Atlantic with some of the best known companies in the world including Coca Cola, Unisys and MicroStrategy. Prior to founding Out-Smarts in 2002 Mhairi focused on software and Internet technologies in various sales and marketing roles for nearly a decade, working predominantly with Fortune 500 companies. She augmented her degree in 2006 with a diploma in Sales and Marketing Management from the University of British Columbia.

Passionate about internet marketing and helping small businesses grow, Mhairi blogs regularly and puts her knowledge to good use to network and grow businesses in creative and leading edge ways. A regular presenter at Small Business BC, Mhairi is also a judge in their annual competition to determine the best small business marketing campaign in the province. Mhairi is Director of the board of Sales & Marketing Executives International, Inc. (SMEI) .

In her spare time Mhairi enjoys graffiti hunting, discovering ancient monoliths, making kombucha and spending time with her wee family.

Ashley Nicholson

Ashley Nicholson is a digital marketing associate and content creator. She has experience in building and executing social media plans through an audience focused vision, generating content that builds meaningful connections, and optimizing company pages.

Ashley has worked with journalism outlets, human rights organizations, documentary companies, and is a successful fashion influencer.

Christine Rondeau

Christine Rondeau of Bluelime Media works exclusively with WordPress and has been doing so since 2004. In fact, she built Out-Smarts first website way back then. She loves solving puzzles, a trait which makes working on the Web a lot of fun. Dealing with various issues of design, typography limitations, browser support and responsiveness are all part of her day to day to day activities.

Kyle Robertson

Kyle Robertson of Typefirst Consulting is a full-stack developer and entrepreneur with two decades of experience building web apps and WordPress sites. He is the former Web Director of Adbusters Media Foundation, and the co-founder of a startup company in the education technology space that was recently acquired. Having an English degree from UBC, he brings a unique blend of applied technical knowledge, business experience, and critical analysis to his working relationships with clients.

Kyle is also a musician, provides mentorship to junior developers, and organizes a biweekly discussion group that takes a critical look at society and technology.

Anne Dunnett

Anne Dunnett is a graphic designer and founder of Inklings Design. Anne works within the parameters of Zen philosophy and design aesthetics, providing a unique perspective to graphic design. Serving clients not only clean and smart design but an overall enlightened experience. When she starts a new project she thinks outside of the box and comes up with creative solutions for her clients and their marketing challenges which turns them into opportunities. One of her key skills is listening and understanding what her clients need and want, working together, they develop marketing messages that go beyond just the aesthetics to create impactful and powerful visuals. Her work is her passion, as a result, people love working with her.

Grace Bonifacio

Grace is a Digital Marketing Specialist with over 9 years of experience creating effective outreach campaigns for corporate and lifestyle brands. Through her knowledge of both traditional and contemporary marketing practices, she has the expertise to create impactful campaigns through a variety of channels.

She has had the pleasure of working with businesses from different industries (travel, health and wellness, and trades). Her roster of projects spans near and far – with projects located within Vancouver Island, while others are as far as Byron Bay in Australia!