accessible website redesign for Patient Voices Network

Accessible Website Redesign and Development – Patient Voices Network

Patient Voices Network is a recent accessible website redesign and development case study that exemplifies the different ways we make websites accessible to people of all abilities.

Website accessibility doesn’t just focus on achieving a seamless website user experience for individuals with disabilities; it also means creating a site that can easily be navigated when there are temporary or external impairing factors. An excellent example of this is when users are navigating your website where there is limited connectivity or impaired visibility due to the room’s lighting.  If you haven’t checked out our blog that we wrote last month about digital accessibility, we encourage you to read it

With more users being highly engaged online, businesses must consider how they can increase the accessibility of their website for as many diverse users as possible. 

This was the case when we worked with our clients, Patient Voices Network and their most recent website redesign and development. Today, we’re giving you a sneak peek at the process we took to create their beautiful, new, and highly accessible website.

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