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Every company wants to rank number one in the organic search engine results. Doing so for the right terms drives more traffic to your website and helps your site get discovered.

Search engines like Google have hundreds of factors that are taken into account when determining where a site ranks, these include everything from technical factors, to links the site has, to using the right words in the right places

Ranking at the top of the search engine results pages can take months and even years depending on how much competition there is for the keywords you want to rank for. The key is to make sure your target keywords are the right words.

There are billions of web pages and you likely have lots of other competitors who also want to be on the first page. That’s where we come in. We understand how search engines like Google work, and we help make it easy for you to navigate the complex world of SEO to bubble up to the top; but first, we start by researching keywords to determine the best words to use for your target audience.

Our Approach to SEO

SEO only works if you are using the right words, the ones your customers might use in your market. Search Engine Optimisation starts with understanding your prospective customers and the words they might use to search online..

Our process starts with our discovery session where we learn about your culture, products and services, goals, audience and differentiators. We’re going to dig deep to get to know your audience and their buying cycles, from the research phase through to retention.

SEO Audit

Next up, we audit your current site status to identify any technical issues that need to be fixed. We look at the words you currently rank for to benchmark your position, and we look at the companies that currently rank for those keywords. We also do an in-depth content audit of your site to understand your current traffic and the words people use to find your pages. This helps us to determine if it is possible to get where you need to be and what needs to be done to get you there.

SEO Roadmap

Taking into account the results of your audit we will then put together a roadmap for SEO success that is tailored to your unique business. The SEO roadmap may cover any or all of the following SEO services:

Foundational / On Page SEO

Keyword Research and Analysis

Our foundational SEO services are designed for new sites or those that haven’t yet been optimized. We’re going to work with you to brainstorm the keywords people might use at different points in your sales cycle. We will then map them back to the pages on your site to make sure we’ve covered all aspects of your products and services. From there we conduct in-depth keyword research to hone the words you use on each page and make recommendations on how to use them in all the right places.

SEO for Website Redesign

If your website has been around for a while and is in need of an update (check out our web development services) it is important to make sure you transfer as much of the current optimization to your new site. Often people get too focused on site design and don’t factor SEO into the design phase, which is a crucial mistake. Clients often come to us asking why traffic has tanked, despite the fact they have a fancy new website. Our SEO services will help you to set up your new site so that we pass on as much of the SEO ‘juice’ from your previous site as possible.

E-Commerce SEO

For small retail organisations, good product optimisation is key to helping your prospective customers discover your wares when they search in your local area. Not just that, but optimising your products properly will make it so much easier for you if you decide to synch with Facebook or Google to promote them on those platforms for advanced marketing campaigns.

Landing Pages That Convert

Getting the right traffic to your site or landing pages is half of the equation. Once the right visitors land on your site we want to make sure they convert. We provide website development services, landing page creation and conversion consulting to help them do that.

Technical SEO Services

We understand the technical aspect of SEO and if your site is broken we will work with your web developers or our own tech team to fix everything that needs to be fixed.

Search Engine Marketing Services (SEM) – Off Page SEO

Link Building Services

Google discovers web pages through the links that lead to and from them, as well as links within the site. We can help you to optimise your internal links, external links and help you get more backlinks to your site. Links are very valuable to your site online, the more you have from trusted, high-quality sites in your industry or area, the more chance you have of ranking higher.

Google Ads

SEO takes time and effort. If you want to show up on the first page fast, Google Ads might be the right solution for you. Learn more about our Google Ads services on our pay per click page.

Business Directories and Review Sites

Google My Business is another method to rank on the first page for the name of your business. We can help you claim and maintain your Google My Business listing, by setting it up the right way and linking it to Google Maps. We will guide you to get more reviews and to respond promptly to those you get.

Why Choose Out-Smarts for SEO

Over a Decade of Experience in SEO
We have been providing SEO services since 2008, working with local firms to help them get discovered online. We’ve followed every Google algorithm update from ‘Caffeine’ to ‘BERT’ and are constantly updating and improving our services.

We Focus on Your Customers and Competition

Our goal is to get inside the minds of your customers to determine which words they’re most likely to use during the phases of the buying cycle. We make it easy for you to optimise your site without having to know all the ins and outs of SEO and SEM.

Tried and Tested SEO Strategies

We’ve been developing and improving our SEO services for over a decade. We know they work and we’re constantly enhancing them to ensure we are providing up to date and optimum SEO services.

Fanatical Customer Service

We are tenacious, attentive to detail, and we take great pride in what we do. We believe that a job worth doing is worth doing right. Building strong relationships with our clients is central to our success, and we aim to provide fanatical customer service that goes above and beyond your expectations

Honest SEO

Some companies promise up front that you will rank #1 right out the gate. We don’t do that because it’s impossible and we would be lying. For example, if your goal is to rank #1 for the term ‘Google’ then good luck with that – you have some tough competition. Instead, we will give you an honest opinion and help you find the right SEO approach for your audience and business.

SEO Next Steps

If your target audience can’t find you when they search for you on Google or Bing then it doesn’t matter how great your website looks or how well your content resonates.
Out-Smarts will work closely with you to understand your business and to provide search engine optimisation and search engine marketing services that will attract your target audience and improve your ranking. The result – when people are looking for your products or services using search engines like Google and Bing, they will find you.

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What Our Clients Say

"I wanted to rank on the first page and Mhairi’s team worked with me to achieve that. She took the time to translate technical SEO into actionable steps that were easy to follow and did so in a way that was very flexible to my needs and timelines."

Pam Chaloult - Practical Feet Advising

Fairware has worked with Out-Smarts on two projects so far: Search Engine Optimization for our website redesign and on developing an email marketing strategy. Traffic and conversions have increased, our business is growing and we're very pleased with the results. Mhairi is a joy to work with and has been great at building our internal capacity so we can continue the work in house.

Denise Taschereau - Co Founder - Fairware

Out-Smarts has been an invaluable partner in helping us to meet our Google Ads and SEO objectives. Mhairi is a responsive collaborator who is there to help innovate and evolve our strategies for targeted results, while also helping us to leverage cost-saving opportunities. Mhairi’s friendly, generous, collaborative style makes her a pleasure to work with.

Glenn Ewald, Director Communications, Vancouver Foundation